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All prices include local taxes. For orders from outside of the European Union additional Custom Taxes may be obliged.

Allmost all products are in stock and will be sent the next day. Delivery time is different for each country: e.g. Belgium 2-3 days, France and Germany 3-4 days.

Special papers and special printmaking-materials may take more delivery time to a maximum of two weeks. We'll put an explicit label to the product when possible. If so please ask for specific conditions at

For regular Parcles under 5 kilo: no shipping costs for orders above 150 euro in Europe.

Product prices are automaticly reduced in the Shopping Cart at larger quantities e.g. 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, or even 24, 36 or 108 pieces. Reduction builds up from 5 to 20%.

In this webshop we've put almost all conseivable necessary materials for the starting and the professional painter. We did however select and reduce the number of products for reasons of clarity and quality. Unsound products will be taken back by us immediately.

Do you miss a product in our selection, or do you have a question about how a product or technique works? Please don't hesitate to call us at 0031-570615514 or mail us at:

Our 'fysical' shop is lokated at Stromarkt 9 in Deventer. There you can inspect all our artaupplies. We would be honoured to provide you with clear and realistic advice on how to use all these products! Printmaking products and special paper are stored elsewhere. Ask for those products in advance please:

'OUR SMAL ENVIRONMENTAL STEP': We deliver as much as possible via bicycle!